Catholic Identity

At Queen of Peace Catholic Academy, the faculty and staff center their academics around the Catholic faith which is rooted and centered around the Eucharist. Each day, students proudly display and live out the Academy’s mission statement. In the classrooms, students listen and reflect the gospel message and commit themselves to academic excellence as faith is infused in all subject areas. Students also learn how to devote their time, talent, and treasure to helping others as part of their stewardship journey.

Students begin each day with a school wide student-led prayer. Teachers then continue individual prayers and intentions inside their classrooms. Each afternoon, students end their day by attending “blessing.” Blessing consists of prayer, silent reflection, and an actual blessing of each child given by teachers as they leave the church.

At the beginning of the month, our students attend a morning prayer service which helps introduce the theme for the month. Grade levels also rotate to attend weekly mass. On the first Friday of every month, our school as a whole attends Liturgy. Students participate in Mass in a variety of ways. They each have an opportunity to be an Altar Server, Lector, Usher, as well as bringing up the gifts, singing in the choir, or playing an instrument for the Mass hymns.

First Reconciliation and First Communion

Students in First Grade begin the Sacramental journey of preparing for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Students continue to dive deeper in their faith during Second Grade both through the Academy and the church, learning the significance and reverence of the Sacraments they soon will receive.

Why Choose Queen of Peace Catholic Academy?

  • Students combine their academic subjects with their Catholic faith and traditions.
  • The Academy sets high standards for student achievement.
  • The Academy enhances the Diocesan curriculum by including Spanish, Chinese, Band, Choir, Art, Technology, PE, and media research.
  • The Academy effectively offers Technology in all areas of the school with our iPad, MacBook, and Robotics programs.
  • Queen of Peace Academy has dedicated, caring staff who work hard to provide a conducive and welcoming environment for all students of all faiths.
  • The Academy is well known in the community for preparing our students for the rigorous academic and social challenges of any and all high school programs.


At Queen of Peace Catholic Academy, students explore the math concepts set forth by Twenty-First Century Standards. Our instruction focuses on developing an understanding of comprehensive mathematical practices. Through the use of a variety of learning strategies and research-based pedagogy, teachers foster abstract and quantitative reasoning. Students utilize strategic tools and model to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. By driving instruction through the use of student data, teachers are able to effectively differentiate in meeting a variety of learning needs.

Language Arts

The Language Arts program focuses on the core areas of literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. The curriculum at each grade level is developed to meet the objectives mandated by the Diocese of St. Augustine. The Catholic Identity Edition Journeys series, used in our elementary school, exposes students to a broad variety of literary and informational texts. Reading skills learned include the ability to draw upon a variety of comprehension skills (generate and respond to questions, make predictions, compare texts, etc.). Students respond to a variety of literature and distinguish between structural features of the text and the literary terms or elements such as theme, plot, setting, and characters. In the middle school, students analyze various genres of literature and participate in novel studies. Students draw connections to Catholic Social Teaching and how it connects to the themes of the literature studied.

The Excellence in Writing program is used throughout our school. Students build their writing skills each year as they learn more about the keys to successful writing. Our students compose writing pieces that are both creative and research-­based. Writing is a cross-­curriculum subject that students are immersed in no matter what class they attend. In-­depth research, key word outlines, and MLA format are just a glimpse of what writing skills our middle school students put into every paper they produce.


Queen of Peace Catholic Academy integrates Catholic Identity into all aspects of our curriculum. Through the philosophy of STREAM, our teachers are able to integrate Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math into our teaching. Teachers collaborate across grades and departments to design interactive, meaningful lessons enriching the learning of our students.


As many new generations grow up with the use of technology all around them, we became aware of the need to teach our students how to use it in their everyday lives to achieve success in their future. As a result, Queen of Peace Catholic Academy decided to launch the 1:1 iPad initiative for our middle school students.

Our technology vision includes three main goals. Each goal helps us focus on what we exactly want our students to learn while using the iPad. Our first goal of becoming better collaborators led to us finding new ways for our students and teachers to work together to gain and understand objectives and key concepts. Our second goal to become better communicators gave us an understanding that students needed to learn how to communicate and engage in a way that was very different than how students had communicated before technology. Our third goal was to help our students become more creative and innovative. This in turn led to our teachers and staff continuously growing and designing their curriculum to challenge and engage their students with the use of technology and instructional practices.

As we continue this program we have noticed even more additional benefits than what we first thought. All students are able to learn in a conducive learning environment that best meets their needs and learning styles. Our students with accommodations have access to personal learning tools such as closed-captioning, text to speech, Learning Ally, and so much more.

We are excited to see what the future holds with our technology program and the academic growth in our students.

Foreign Language

The goal of the QPCA Spanish Program is not only for our students to learn Spanish but to enjoy their language experience in an educational, musical, and enjoyable way. Students at all levels are immersed in the language and culture in a safe, interactive and engaging environment. Each grade builds upon the previous year.

In the lower elementary grades, students learn through songs, movement, interactive activities and lots of repetition. In the higher elementary grades, students begin to focus more on formal language skills such as sentence structure and grammar skills while reviewing learned skills through music and other appealing activities.

In Middle School, classes are more challenging and structured. We strive to keep the classes entertaining and alluring by using things such as technology and upbeat music. Students concentrate on grammar and conversational skills. They can be seen creating their own iMovie in Spanish or creating conversational skits.

No matter what grade, students learn and understand the Spanish culture, recognizing that there are vast differences in each individual Spanish speaking country. It is a culture full of wonder and diversity!

In the Chinese course, our purpose is to promote students’ awareness and appreciation of the Chinese culture as well as the Chinese language. Students learn about various aspects of Chinese culture, including geography, history, important holidays, foods, lifestyles, famous people, toys, customs and traditions, arts and crafts, songs and games. They also learn the Pinyin system, pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, and written simplified and traditional characters to build basic language skills.

Prayers in Chinese have been incorporated to align to Catholic values as well. One of the highlights of this course is the celebration of the Chinese New Year, including dragon and lion dances, calligraphy, learning about zodiac animals, and dumpling making for Middle School. To broaden students’ world view, a Skype project has been developed for the 6th grade students to use their language skills talking with children in Taiwan twice a year. This course is also intended to inform students about the Chinese culture both in America and around the world.

Fine Arts

Queen of Peace Catholic Academy offers a diverse array of Fine Arts activities including art, music, and band. Beginning in Kindergarten, students are immersed in Art activities that tie into our Catholic faith. These include monthly Liturgical performances, Holiday and Spring Concerts, and our all inclusive Arts Showcase, “Night of the Arts”. The overarching goal of our Fine Arts department is to educate the whole person and enhance their creativity through meaningful and stimulating experiences in the Arts.

At Queen of Peace Catholic Academy, we encourage all of our students to see the beauty of God’s creation through the arts. Art offers students the opportunity to learn to “see” like an artist and explore their creativity while learning about famous artists and art techniques. All students, beginning in Kindergarten, learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. These building blocks help the students learn to compose and critique their own artwork, and analyze the work of other artists. Through a variety of projects and art techniques, students are able to showcase their growing skills, culminating with the Night of the Arts in the spring. Our goal is for every student to find an art medium or technique that allows them to showcase their ability. Parents, friends, and family members may now see their child’s artwork on our digital art gallery, Artsonia.

Elementary music is the starting foundation for a lifetime full of appreciation for music and the arts. Here at Queen of Peace, we seek to plant and cultivate the love of music in each of our children by helping them experience all the joys and wonders that music has to offer. A favorite quote shared with the children is “To sing, is to pray twice,” and that statement could not be more true. Not only do we worship through song in the classroom, but seeing the whole student body singing together and worshiping at the church is truly an incredible experience. Music stimulates the senses and engages us in many different learning strategies such as kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. There is always something for each individual student to excel at and enjoy. In 4th grade, the students become the “Rockin’ Recorders,” and begin to create and experience music with a new instrument. Not only does this teach our students to learn new skills and abilities, but it encourages them and prepares them for their opportunity to join band in 5th grade.

Band at Queen of Peace Academy is an opportunity for students to put to use all of the skills that they have learned in elementary music. Students are able to pick an instrument and participate in an activity that teaches teamwork, responsibility, and allows them to truly be creative in their own right. Here at the Academy our goal is to foster well-rounded musicians who can grow both musically and as individuals. We currently have three bands including the beginning, 6th grade, and concert bands. The bands have two concerts a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Our concert band usually will have other performances such as holiday events and Music Performance Assessment. Students are also able to participate in Solo and Ensemble; a festival where students prepare a solo piece for a judge. To finish out each year there is also an awards banquet and a band trip for the concert band to reward all of their hard work and dedication.

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